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Children Who Can Benefit
Children who evidence one or more of the following can benefit from our program:
  • have little interest or pride in school work
  • are bright, but unable to learn through standard teaching practices used in most schools
  • have difficulty following classroom instructions
  • aspire to excellence in basic reading, math or writing skills
  • lack study or thinking skills
  • lack self confidence when doing school work
  • are not performing at ability level
  • have difficulty applying skills and knowledge
  • doubt their own ability
  • have special learning needs
  • have difficulty remembering what has been taught
  • are unresponsive to standard educational techniques
  • have difficulty grasping or retaining basic skills
  • cannot form an orderly thought sequence, and
  • consistently show poor grades

Parents Who Can Benefit
Our program can benefit parents who have concerns about their child and desire:

  • to be assured their child is reaching his/her potential
  • to participate in decision-making regarding their child's education
  • to have early readiness for their preschool child
  • to have early intervention to prevent later difficulties, and
  • training on how to work with their child
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